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fish tanks in fish farm fraser valley
Raised Ethically in Vancouver

Sustainably Farmed Fish

Fraser Valley Sustainable Seafood is your source for sustainably farmed BC rainbow trout and sockeye salmon, grown with a 100% natural diet and no antibiotics.

Enjoy some of the highest quality farmed sockeye salmon in Vancouver, and make sushi-grade trout a regular on your dinner plate year-round. Wholesale fish sales are available by request.

Fresh Rainbow Trout

Available in sizes from 1 to 5 lb, our trout are raised with pure water and a natural diet.

Fresh Sockeye Salmon

Enjoy fresh market quality BC sockeye salmon during the months of December through March each year. Frozen sockeye is available year-round.

Trout Fish Farming for Environmental Testing

We provide rainbow trout fry for the testing of wastewaters, sediments and agricultural / industrial effluents by government agencies and private companies. Learn more about Canada-wide shipping here.

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