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We are committed to setting a new standard for sustainable local fish farming.

Our salmon farming follows industry best practices, like growing fish in pure spring water and providing a 100% natural diet. 

Our rainbow trout farming follows these standards too, which results in a delicious and delicate flavour in both fish.

Here’s how we produce local fish sustainably:

Inland Farming

We use a contained inland freshwater fish farm that does not interfere with wild species.

Water Reuse

Advanced flow-through ponds are designed for optimal use of water resources. In this system, water passes through our hatchery, tanks, and settling ponds which maintains suitable water quality.

Fish Fertilizer

Fertilized wastewater is used to maintain on-site flower and vegetable gardens. Solid waste from pond bottoms is removed periodically and used by neighbouring farms. We are currently looking at adding a rotary drum filter to our system to allow for continual extraction of organic matter

Bee Keeping

Up-and-coming beekeeper Matthew Young maintains numerous beehives on our property. To help bees and other pollinator species, we are continuously reintroducing native pollinator-friendly plants like Canada Golden Rod, Bleeding heart, Aster, Common Yarrow, Wooly Sunflower and others and limiting many of the invasive species that have been introduced in the lower Fraser Valley like Himalayan Blackberry, Himalayan Balsam and English Ivy.

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