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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee that we will process your order on the morning of delivery. We strongly encourage our customers to pick up and enjoy their fish on their chosen delivery date to experience unparalleled freshness

Rainbow trout raised at Fraser Valley Sustainable Seafood have a light, delicious flavour which we attribute to the pure artesian water that feeds our farm.

Our artesian well water comes from an aquifer fed by Mount Baker meltwater.

Our fish are maintained in above-ground aluminum tanks using a flow-through water system. This means that water flows straight from our artesian well through our hatchery, and then through our tanks. We do not overcrowd fish in our tanks and aerators create a gentle flow that encourages the fish to keep swimming. We optimize feeding to ensure healthy growth with high-quality, Canadian-made feed. We do not administer any antibiotics or other medication to our fish.

Although it is difficult to have zero impact on the environment, we limit our impact on our oceans by keeping our farmed fish away from any natural waterways and wild fish stocks. We predator proof our tanks and ponds to avoid attracting other wild animals and reuse water that exits our tanks in our gardens. We are continuously striving to lower our impact with our future sustainability projects, including: better collection methods for fish waste to allow it to be used as an organic garden fertilizer on other farms, harnessing power from our natural flowing well water before it enters the tanks, and reusing water before it enters our settling ponds. We are also looking at alternative home grown protein sources as a supplement for our fish including black soldier fly larvae which can be grown from rotting fish offal.

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